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Austin Fittest Magazine Pitch

Welcome to the Fittest City.  No Pressure.

Austin, Texas is often dubbed as one of the nation's fittest cities taking a range of positions depending on the source.  The majority of the ATX population is drawn to live here for that reason alone while others, like myself, found it the primary driver to move here as fast as possible.  But how do the 22% of Austin residents who struggle to get fit manage the pressure of living in such a place?  In a short piece I'd like to interview 2-3 people who struggle to live up to their hometown expectation.  Maybe they can't find their "in" into the Austin Fitness community or just don't know where to start.  With a focus on goal setting, I'd like to take their struggles and transition them from excuse to attainable goal.  The article will wrap up with best practices for achieving the goal and an update on their progress.


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