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Renae Domigan

Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Aussie Gum Nuts

Hello Everyone,

I want to start off by saying this class is amazing and has definitely boosted my pattern design skills already. This class helped me a lot and I recommend it to anyone interested in pattern design.

My process started with me taking walks or bikes around my neighbourhood and finding my inspiration. I first created a mood board based on nature then went out to find the nature around me. I would take my phone so I could take photos and looked for anything that caught my eye. Living in Australia most of the trees are Gumnut Trees and it wasn't to hard to get inspired by this tree. I then used my inspiration mixed with my mood board and drew some sketches.



After I had filled two pages full of nature sketches I stood back and picked my favourite aspects. I liked the Gum Nuts, Branches and Leaves so that was what my pattern would consist of.

I then scanned it in and vectorised my artwork. This step did challenge me a lot because I did not know completely how to used Adobe Illustrator but soon worked it out. After they were all vectorised I moved them around on my artboard until it looked just fine and then I made it into a repeat. I had heard about a number of ways how to turn patterns into repeat patterns but I do have to say this was a very good method.


After my pattern was turned into a repeat it was done. Since creating my pattern it has been used as wrapping paper, envelopes and much more.

This class has definitely helped me move further forward with my design skills and I look forward to reading your comments.

Thanks so much!

By Renae Domigan


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