Aurora Skies and drybrushing

Aurora Skies and drybrushing - student project

I've done my fair share of night skies and even some northern lights, but I've never attempted it with these colors. I used mostly cotman half pan colors, and in several of the pictures I had to do several layers. I learned very quickly how difficult yellow and green is, and how quickly the blues travel with the water and muddy everything. I used almost an entire half pan of Lemon Yellow for these pictures. I think i'll go with tube colors in the future when I can get my hands on some. 
I haven't done much drybrushing before this, so it was a decent challenge to add to something familiar. 

Aurora Skies and drybrushing - image 1 - student projectDon't ask me how I managed to paint green mountains in the horizon.Aurora Skies and drybrushing - image 2 - student projectAurora Skies and drybrushing - image 3 - student projectAurora Skies and drybrushing - image 4 - student projectI absolutely hated working with the yellow in this one. My half pans did not treat me well on this one. Aurora Skies and drybrushing - image 5 - student projectI should have made the mid-line of the mountain on the middle, but somehow it ended up way down there.