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Chasity Hampton

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Aurelia Aurita: A cure for Parkinson's Disease

Hello, Skillshare!

As a chemist and part-time illustrator, I decided I would do my assignment on a research project I conducted in my undergraduate education.

Moon Jellies!

Uncommonly known as Aurelia aurita, moon jellies have been used to model various human diseases due to similarities in their metabolic and nervous system functions, particularly as it relates to common hormones and neurotransmitters. These diseases include thyroid dysfunction, hearing impairment, and Parkinson’s


In Parkinson' s Disease, the brain stops producing a vital hormone for movement called, "Dopamine". We studied Norepinephrine, i.e. Adrenaline( a chemical that begins the synthesis of Dopamine) and its affects on juvenile jellies in hopes of potentially using these jellies as a model for studying physiological functions.

My plans for the Assignment are to create a lively illustration that depicts the jellies and its importance in scientific research of hormone based diseases such as Parkinsons.

Hope you stick around for the project.



Okay, I did have a detailed description of this but then it long story short.

Layout 1. Dopamine Spelled out with jellies

Layout 2. Large jellyfish surrounding the silhouette of a man in the fetal position holding his head. his brain would be a pop of color though. working out the kinks. More sketches to come.



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