Aunt Flo Tracker

Aunt Flo Tracker - student project

Sometimes I have difficulty tracking when the women in my life are visited by aunt flo. As a result, some of my booty calls can end up dissapointing. An app that helps me keep track of who and when my female companions are visited by aunt flo will be extremely helpful. 

When users first open up the application. They will have 2 options. 

They can either add another person or go to their current list.

If they select, add another person they are asked to fill out the following fields. 

1) Female Companion Name

2) Start Date of Period

3) Average Period Time

4) Add Button

Choosing the exisitng list  has a drop down menu of all of the companions added. Towards the top of the list indicates that they are no longer on their period, where as on the bottom of the list it will have those on their period. For those not off their period, it will indicate how many days until they are off there period. Users can scroll up and and down. 

Aunt Flo Tracker - image 1 - student project