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Julie Lambert

Artist & Graphic Designer



Auld Lang Syne

I started thinking about this project around the new year and thought that "Auld Lang Syne" would make a good postcard. I wanted the design to have a classic vintage theme, from the 1930s (even though Auld Lang Syne was written in the late 1700's). There is just something about New Year's Eve in the 30s that seem that seems like a place I would like to go back in time to.

Thumbnail sketches:

I had an idea from the beginning that I stayed pretty close to, but wanted to explore how the words were arranged, especially the relationship between the g and y.


A quick pencil sketch:


Several sheets of several tracing paper later... I decided to make the A really dramatic.


Finished inked drawing:


Digital art: I may change the design because I am not comfortable with all of the negative space in the top right corner, and the framing may be too symmetrical.



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