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In August 2013 I started my Walt Disney World International Program in Orlando, FL. At the same time, I started a blog to try and document my experiences. As time drew on, I decided to incorporate more about the inner workings of the Program and my experience applying for visas and navigating the cultural differences of the USA to my native New Zealand and Australia in order to help those thinking of applying.

I blog about events at Walt Disney World, my experiences I've had on the program and other personal stories. After my program finishes, it's my intention to continue to blog about my travel around the world and work in different countries.

Blog Purpose

  • To become a subject matter expert (TWDC, DCP/DIP)
  • To write on a regular basis
  • To educate and help those interested in applying for the DCP/DIP
  • To educate and help those traveling to Walt Disney World
  • To document my experiences

Why are you doing this?

  • To document my experiences
  • Help people understand the DCP/DIP
  • Help people plan a vacation to Disney
  • Expand my coding and blogging platform experience
  • Have my family able to keep up-to-date with my activities easily (with pictures)
  • To tie my twitter, instagram and other social networks to a main site
  • To tick it off my bucket list

My target audience has the following demographics:

  • Early 20's to early 30's
  • Studying or just graduated
  • Possibly have a young family

My target audience has the following psychographics:

  • Thinking about applying for the DCP/ICP
  • Thinking about going to Walt Disney World for vacation
  • Interested in travel
  • Value equality, openness, respect, honesty and integrity

Amanda is a 21 year old graduate. She is unsure about how to apply her degree to a career and also lacks experience in her field of study. She wants to broaden her horizons, but not hold her career back either. Applying for various internships both nationally and internationally can be difficult, so she turns to the internet for a first-hand honest view of what those internships can be like. She also wants to know about applying for visas and what to expect by moving overseas.


  • funny - silly = entertaining
  • informative - condescending = enlightening
  • nostalgic - exclusive = sentimental
  • enthusiastic - over-zealous = passionate
  • whimsical - drippy = poetic


  1. To have 20 subscribers by the time my program ends
  2. To have 1 person comment about how I helped their vacation to WDW in 12 months
  3. To be referred to/quoted in another blog by the end of the year

Brand Statement:

Aujourd'me is an enlightening and compelling blog focused on providing content about my experiences travelling on the WDW International College Program to young students and graduates as well as those who love travel so that you can learn what it's like to work for the most magical place on earth!

Why am I doing this?

  • So those thinking of applying for the ICP/DCP can be more informed and get excited about moving to FL
  • To help anyone who mhjt want to travel to WDW with planning one of the most stressful things to do
  • To document my experiences here in FL

Content Pillars:

  • Travel and daily life (events)
  • Working for Disney (evergreen)
  • TWDC news (engagement/topical)

Source Library:

  • Twitter (sourcing)
  • Facebook (sourcing)
  • Flipboard (sourcing)
  • Dropbox (storing)

Publication Channels:

I chose Buffer because it enables me to link my accounts to one site and post from there as well as use analytics to see how my posts are reaching people. This makes it easier for me, as using a number of different sites takes time and effort I simply don't have! Linking all my social media sites to connect with my blog was actually a goal of ine when I set out for this, so being introduced to Buffer has been a wonderful asset. This means I can have a Facebook page for my online "persona" linked to my blog while keeping my Facebook profile for my IRL friends separate and private. This also gives y somewhat lacklustre twitter account purpose.

Publishing Frequency:

I aim to post at least once a week with an extra post if there is a special event on (such as an event withing WDW or something else) with a small post on Monday and Friday for Hidden Mickey Monday and the Friday Five to keep myself inspired and writing. These will not be long-drawn out posts, but short lists or a picture with a caption above a cut on my blog.

People and Processes:

I am to be the content strategist, copywriter and designed for the blog and I will ask my room mate to be my proofreader.


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