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August, my favourite month

Thank you so much, Teela, for this awesome class! I love lettering in any shape or form, and I'd experimented a little bit with lettering on my iPad Pro, but I was lacking the tools and understanding of what apps like Procreate can do to really make progress in my attempts. I feel so much more confident now!

Admitting to some bias because August is my birth month ;), I used your tiny sparkle texture and a really cute summer illustration I got as a freebie from The Next Web to create a little something to make this month even more adorable:


I still have a LOT to learn about Pencil pressure and going easy on the upstrokes, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

(I forgot to take any progress screenshots because I'm a klutz...)

Also, my brain went DING because I was planning on preparing a few sketchnote templates for a conference I'm attending in October, and I was thinking about making a cover for it using nice lettering, to tie it all together. So I took a first shot at that, to see what it could look like using a base watercolour texture and pulling down some more glitter:


Letters and placement aren't perfect yet, but I'm gonna use this as a starting point. Who says conference notes can't be cute, right?


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