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Christine Nishiyama

Artist at Might Could Studios



August Session Project Example: How Many Does It Take?

Hey guys! I'm posting this project as an example for my August Session: Illustrating Science with Charm! The session is from August 17-September 2, but you can jump in at any time! For my project, I'm using an illustrated series I created for Buzz Hoot Roar, the science blog where I was Artist in Residence. 

Step 1: Post your concept and sketches

My concept is about how many of the largest animals in their group (from bacteria to giraffes) it would take to get to the top of various famous structures if they stood on each other's heads.

Here are my sketches:



Step 2: Emotion Drawings 


Step 3: Final Drawing 

Here's my final drawing for one of the comparisons! I added in the hand drawn typography, and the silhouettes of the animals (which I made in Photoshop from my drawings). 


Step 4: Final Illustration

Here's my final illustration after digitally painting in the color in Photoshop, and applying textures like in the videos! 


Here's a bigger individual version of the ostrich too:


And here's a little GIF animation to show more of the process:


Thank you so much everyone who participated in the Session! It was amazing to see all your work and you all did such a wonderful job! Keep up the great work, and anyone who didn't participate in the Session is still more than welcome and encouraged to post their project!


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