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Donna Jeanne Koepp

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Audrey Alters Fabulous

Audrey shops at Fabulous

Audrey was born 200 years too late. She works at a NYC construction firm and as it doesn't seem glamorous at first thought, her duties include callaborating with architects, designers and contractors. Thiese diverse duties allow her the flexibility to dress in jeans, work boots and hardhats or bohemian skirts, flats and head scarfs Although a modern young women, Audrey longs for times past.

She shops at Fabulous because of their vast selection of basic pieces she can mix and match along with their striking signature pieces featuring gathers, pleats, ruffles, drapes and details.

On any day of the week, Audrey mixes up her wardrobe with faded jeans, ruffled white blouse, velour pleated jacket and heeled boots or any other ecclectic combination.

But what Audrey loves most is altering her Fabulous pieces with hand made trims, dyes, paints. vintage buttions and historical details.

When Faboulous recently remodeled their NYC 5th Ave. location, Audrey showed up to a job meeting with an altered outfit that mezmerized the store manager. This resulted in a section of the store featuring embroidery floss, tatting thread, knitting yarn, fabric paints and more catering to a new generation of creative young women interested in handwork of long ago.


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