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Hayden Aube

Illustrator & Designer



Aube Family Crest


Just coming back and posting the crest that I put together last year for this project. It was lots of fun, I learned a ton and as always, enjoyed watching Draplin do his thing :)


Several things came up when I started looking into my family history. Tracing back my family not too long ago are ties to Canadian Natives, France and Ireland (and more that we're not even too sure about). Going way back, the Aube name can even be traced to a 400 BC settlement that lived along France's river Seine. Makes me feel ancient! Taking all this in mind, I chose to design my crest around what's most important to me about being an Aube — being outside.

The crest itself shows an all to common scene in the Canadian outdoors; forests, lakes and trees. Fishing has always been a big tie among my family so it only made sense that I include it. Just seeing the fish swimming there reminds me of catching my very first at 7 or 8 while ice-fishing with a stick and a line in the dead of winter. The trees are pine, naturally, and I've surrounded the crest itself in white birch tree leaves which are especially plenty all throughout North America. All-in-all I have decided to forgo squeezing as much history and family references into the crest as possible and instead just create a scene of what to me, Aube life is all about. A real nice refresher after living these past 3 years in one large city after another.


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