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Attention is caught by that which is purely put, simple.

My morning mountaintop adventures always seem to call to attention what you wouldn't notice otherwise unless you actually paused, opened your eyes, and looked. In pursuit of simplicity and wonder, we are invited to just be. 

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After spending the morning watching the sun rise with the smell of breakfast cooking over the open fire, my Pops humming an unfamiliar tune, and the clouds rolling in the only response in my heart was to write. This is a little piece that came from that dreamy morning:

// collapse with me to colors that bend time 
lay with me 
sing a song that unbinds 
put me to sleep 
yet wake my soul 
remind me what i do not know 
raised by the rising sun 
do all it takes to come 
i miss one i never knew 
before i knew 
i knew you 
collapse with me 
bend time 
maybe then you’ll find //

Here in the shot is my darling sister, Elise. @elisefine

Editied with: Snapseed & Afterlight

Followed by original photograph.

Open for feedback, always wanting to learn and grow! Cheers xxx

-Amy @fine_amy


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