Attention disorder

Attention disorder - student project

Day 1
Today I noticed that someone else is speaking inside my head.

Today I noticed, when I woke up,that there was someone behind me. I was lying on my back, in bed, and I could hear them breathing behind my head. The feeling lasted for a few seconds I guess, then I was alone again. I couldn't move for a while afterwards, I dared not.

Day 4
Today I noticed the weather is much too mild for this time of year.

Day 5
Today I noticed all the songs on the radio are from 1982.
Day 6
Today I noticed that the birds in the garden are quite numerous and when they move they flit from one position to another missing out the in between. It is as if I am watching them speeded up, like a cartoon, like stop motion. They are here, then they are there, they don't move to there, they just are there. Maybe it's just birds, maybe they are just quick, or I am slow.

Day 7
Today I noticed waking up. I'm starting to remember to pay attention, like they tell me. There was no sensation of anyone behind me tis time but there was a sensation of the ceiling being very close, like in my face close. I could feel my breath hitting it. I did not open my eyes.

Day 8
Today I noticed it was much colder outside. I could see frost over the grass and on the leaves of the plants that had not yet fully shed them. As I was looking out, one of the small birds materialised in front of me and smacked into the glass right beside my face with a sort of hollow thunk. It fell then, it must have because it was lying on the the white slabs at the foot of the patio door. I noticed how the patch of blue on the top of it's head changed from light to dark depending on the angle I looked at it. I also noticed the steam rising up into the morning sunshine from the little trickle of dark red blood that ran out of it's tiny beak.

Day 9
Today I noticed one of the nurses has a black eye.