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Atmospheric Events

Below is Atmospheric Events' current logo.


The problem the client stated was that it fails to convey what they stand for and will eventually not grow with them. Unfortunately, I did this logo as my first ever proper logo design back in 2012. Now, it's a right off.

Brief History
Atmospheric events is one of over 500 event decorators / planners based in Lagos, Nigeria since 2010. It went officially online in 2012.

"Our team cares deeply about excellent planning, good design and beautiful memories.
We design events, plan space and we are obsessed with proper planning, we showcase love, unity and beauty. We can’t stop talking about perfection."


The approach I'm currently taking has been checking for the dictionary origin of the name in relation to the founder's intention with the name and linking it to the problem they are solving for their clients.

Atmospheric being adjective, it this case, to Events means:

relating to the atmosphere of the earth:
2 creating a distinctive mood, typically of romance or nostalgia: atmospheric lighting.

origin of atmosphere: 
mid 17th cent.: from modern Latin atmosphaera, from Greek atmos ‘vapour’ + sphaira ‘ball, globe’.

From this, I took away the shape of the earth 'sphere' / 'circle'

Events in Nigeria is always attributed to many things amongst which is a tent. So I figured the tip of a tent could form and A. Events also attributed to vibrant color be it wedding or funerals, corporate or birthday.

Sketch Update





Below is the final sketch I started to work with



Vector Update


Latest Update (I'll value your views please)


My mission in this class is to get a wonderful logo type out of this


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