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Atmospheres: the intersection of place and space

Contextual architecture is not soley about the space in which we live, but also considers the place in which we live.  This makes sense, right?  But it doesn't always happen this way.  We've probably all passed by a building or a house somewhere and thought "oh, that's soooo Miami", and we were not even anywhere near the state of Florida.  "Miami" construction looks that way for reason, as does architecture of the southwest, and of the northeast, and so on.  And this is just within the US.  It's fairly easy to identify some architectural styles from other areas of the world as well, but the rationale behind those design and construction choices is not always obvious.  The place aspect of this equation takes into account not only a physical environment but also a cultural one.  

This exhibit is primarily an educational one (perhaps at the Cooper Hewitt?) but accompanied with quality architectural photography and diagrams which illustrate the guiding design forces of the spaces as they relate to their place.  Since it's geared toward an audience already interested in design, the accompanying imagery can be more specific.  

Idenitying Info:

Storefront for Art and Architecture

September 18 - November 11

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