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Veronica Toti

Graphic Designer




Hi there!

I've always liked digital portrait (or whatever they're called) but I haven't really tried to make one till now. 
The project's name has nothing to do with a real "atlas" or stuff like that. I was just listening to an ep called like that and since I didn't have any idea about the name, I just chose it.

However, this is the first (pretty rough) sketch:



I've actually changed the hair's "shape" many and many times, but this has been my final choice. Then I added a salmon pink (or kind of) background layer and I added lights and shadows to it.


From there on it has been pretty confusing. I mean, I've made and changed many things so I'm not able to show every step. Sure thing is that I think this guy has a face which is too "smooth" and "nice". He looks more like a Square-Enix game character than a real guy.
I probably should have worked better and more on the skin or something like that, but considering this is my first attempt, I'm still satisfied about it.


I really want to apologize for my english, but I'm italian and my english is pretty rusty. I hope you got what I wrote anyway, and I also want to thank Hardy Fowler for this lesson and whoever is going to take a look at this project!



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