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Atlantic City

I'm feeling a little late on starting this project, but I've been busy, so here's what I've done so far.

When I was trying to choose a phrase, I knew I wanted to use a town name.  I live in Denver, and wanted that, but didn't care for the way it looked with 'Colorado' being longer than 'Denver.'  I am orginally from New Jersey and Atlantic City is a very nostalgic place for me.  I was also inspired by the song 'Atlantic City,' by The Band, which reminds me of the sort of show-time fun that revolves around the beach and casino town.  I am trying to capture that playful mood with this project.

I realize that these need some SERIOUS tuning, but I thought I'd put these up and get some feedback and see if I can get any helpful suggestions as I move forward.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you!


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