Atiba Taylor and the Roots of Blues

Mission - Is to create a visual vignette of where I want my career to go in the short term and long term.

3 months - 3 years

What would that look like Atiba?

Well first it would have to have an introduction to me as the artist, secondly songs and videos.

Your videos haven't been successful in the past, what do you plan to do differently

I would like to rerecord two songs, i think the idea of a video song is unexplored territory

What is a video song? 

A video song is something that is video recorded simultaneously with the recording of the song and then edited with that footage.

Have you set a timeline for shooting it?

Not yet, my Cd is done, except for the final mix, I plan to meet with my sound engineer to book more studio time this week. 

So hopefully I can record before the end of the week. I already have some video footage that a friend has. 


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