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At The Top Of The Hill...

This one was called "Vanity". I had found it in the Premium Theme Garden on Tumblr. I like it, not because the background displays your image, but because it seems to be very network savvy

It seems to be able to link up to other social networking sites that you may have and make it apart of your blog. It also has an interesting mix of professional with fun. This is what I am looking for the most.


This theme, "Jumble", seems to be unothodox in terms of design but interesting and involving. With such a simple layout, you wouldn't expect it to be but it has the option of actually jumbling the layout around in terms of content.

 "Ceramic" is another one that I am loving because of it gridded format, as well as the clean and modern look it is portraying.

Coco is a little bit too cute for me but I do love the refreshing look, the floral designs that are added so nicely, and the color scheme. I also the like the "sweet and simple" look... this is just a little too sweet for what I want to make at the moment.

I like this one. I like the idea of it taking on a work space vibe but I'm not liking how.... big(?) it is. Like, it takes up a majority of the screen and it seems to take a while to get to the content of the blog which-- I believe-- should already to be taking up the screen or at least a great portion of it.


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