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Brette Ashley

Graphic Design & Illustrator



At The Bottom

The quote I am lettering is a lyric from Brand New's song At The Bottom.

"Some men die under the mountains just looking for gold."

I chose to use the word "mountain" for my mind map and was thinking about the wilderness and lumberjacks, etc.


Since I was thinking of the wilderness I thought about vintage badges, maybe badges you might get in boy scouts so I did a quick search of vintage badges and typography for my inspiration images.


I used some of these ideas to sketch out the word "mountain" a bunch of times to get my hands ready to sketch out the whole quote. I really enjoy doing scripty type fonts so I did a few of those but also wanted to try some things that I don't usually do such as blackletter (which could use some work).


I really liked the images that had the type inside of an object so I started experiementing a little bit with that style. I sketched the words inside of a beard, a skull and on a T-shirt. 


I really liked how the T-shirt design was looking because I felt like the type became a part of the shirt design and it was like a design inside of a design which was interesting. So I decided to go with the t-shirt design for my full sketch.


Would love to get some feedback on this before going to the inking stage! Thanks for listening.

I decided to change a few things, I wanted to put the beginning text into a beard instead of the neck as I got in a few suggestions.


Here is my fina color version. I'm not entirely happy with it so might make some more changes. Not sure if it's the concept I'm not liking though so I may do another project. Let me know what you think!



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