Asymmetrical Bouquet

Asymmetrical Bouquet - student project

I always love an asymmetrical bouquet, so I decided to use Teela’s techniques to do that instead of the project she outlined.

For some reason, the watercolor brush was SO much less saturated on my IPad than it appeared hers was in the tutorial videos. So, I duplicated the layers to darken the bouquet.



Asymmetrical Bouquet - image 1 - student project



Asymmetrical Bouquet - image 2 - student project


I also added a watercolor paper texture I had from another class. One thing I learned is the angle of the flowers/stems really needs to line up with the point at which they are gathered. I feel like some of the flowers are pointing upwards when they should be pointing sideways. Also, the greenery on the left is not as natural as that on the right side. Next time, I’ll start with the “gathering point” in mind.


Regardless, I’m happy with how my first attempt turned out. Thanks Teela! :)

Cara Saliby

Curly-haired Crafter