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Astronaut Kartel Clothing


Astronaut Kartel Clothing is a street wear brand based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We were established in 2015. Our story starts with me Luke Douglas (Founder/Head Designer) being a 20 year old college student; I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I only had two choices coming from the projects either sell drugs like all of my friends or try to make a difference and try to empower people. So I chose the latter of the two and I decided only way for me to empower people was through my clothes. At Astronaut Kartel our job is to let others know that no matter what your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic state is "YOU" can make a difference in this world. We put a huge emphasis on education. Knowledge is power. People can take your money, cars, women, etc. but one thing they can never take is your knowledge. But enough chit chat let’s get into the Merchandise!

First Shirt Displayed is our Baby Blue/Electric Pink AK "School of Knowledge" this shirt is meant to pay homage to Raphaels "school of athens" painting with all the great minds of the enlightment era. (hidden message) is the baby blue/electric pink is meant to symbolize birth of our brand.


Our Second color way is the Grey/Black/White


Third/Fourth shirts are the White/Black/infared and the White/Black/Citrus Orange


Our 5th and final shirt displayed is the Black/White/Infared


You can find us on IG @Astronaut_Kartel give us a follow and a Like if you like the brand much more to be coming in the Fall! 


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