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Jessica Holdaway

Graphic Designer



Astronaut Helmut

Written statement of purpose:

I love old vintage images. What I have realised recently that all vintage photos are interesting because they involve at lot of human progress. eg: Landing on the moon, Invention, war etc. How our race has progressed and documented the 'firsts' of our development. 

I came across an image of an astronaut and was inspired to draw it. I see the astronaut helmut as a symbol of humans trying to transform themselves into something immortal/untstoppable. Humans were never designed to go to the moon, but that didn't stop us designing something else that will enable us to go to the moon. I think that is amazing. Nothing is impossible. Being creative has created so many more opportunities and possibilities for humanity, and the astronaut suit is just a small symbol of humans progress, determination and  vigor.

Reference Images:

Initial Sketches:
(Sorry about the camera quality)

Helmut Sketch:

I was having trouble with the darker lines, so I used indian ink to help bring out the lines for digital editing later.


What's next?:

I am interested in creating a pattern with this illustration.
So will be exploring colours, repeating lines and patterns. 

Reference Images for feel:

Cenotaphs by Étienne-Louis Boullée

      - I like these above images becuase it retains the vintage feel. But the composition is interesting. I aslo love the textured feel to these and the sizing of certain elements. This second image especially catches my eye. I love the tone and hierarchy in this. The circle reminds me of a view from an astronauts helmut.

Album art by Robert Beatty
Title: Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

I love these two works. They are visually interesting. I really like the geometric elements, bringing in an almost calculating measured approach to the design. The colour contrasts this with a feeling of loud and spontaneuos messages. I think this merges well with my intial statement of purpose. 



Still going to keep developing this.



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