Astronaut / Brain Clouds (inspired by a dream)


I've put all 3 final versions of  this project up in my Society6 shop here  - 



So here are my 3 versions I came up with:

// Version 1:

This one is closest to a dream I had 3 years ago in terms of color and feel.

I'm thinking about adding more drippy effects to the pool towards the bottom. Feels a bit empty there.

OR I could shift the canvas size of the image to match the other 2 to make a legitimate series of 3.

// Version 2:

The night time version.

I'm actually thinking of putting in some constellations instead of just random stars. Maybe the Big Dipper or Orions Belt. 

// Version 3:

I wanted to go with a more monochromatic background with just one color.

Something a little more dark and dreary. 

So I've had this idea for a painting for almost 3 years that was inspired by a dream. 

At the time my stepdad was in the hospital after a motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. In between hospital visits I was napping and dreamt of a slumped over astronaut laying in an abandoned empty pool in the middle of nowhere with neon brain clouds overhead. 

Nothing else was going on in the dream - just that very vivid image.

I woke up thinking I should totally paint that.

Fast forward 3 years later, I still haven't painted it. Just spinning my wheels trying to figure out the perfect way to do it. I totally realize there is no perfect way but sometimes expectations and self-doubt get the best of us. So I'm just going to go for it.

I've collect images on a secret Pinterest board for awhile and just made it public for the sake of sharing, here.

Quick subject sketches:

Layout options:

Here's what I have so far with my final sketch before inking:

Here's the final scanned piece ready for photoshop fun!


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