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Astroknot Cloth

Astroknot Cloth

Young Bucks Clan

None Higher

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When designing my line, I wanted to tell a story.  A story of my adolescence, my foundation and my roots. Growing up, my grandfather was my teacher, my influence on life. He taught me a lot about life through his hunting. For example, when hunting you must stalk your pray. Do whatever it takes to get it. I saw this thought process and attitude and applied it to everyday life.

The name Astroknot was chosen for my brand on the simple idea that an astronaut goes higher than anyone else can. They go where no one has gone before. The idea of this was intriguing to me. Applying these ideas to everyday life was simple. Whatever I do, I will put my best foot forward and give it my all and strive for perfection. To be the best at what I do, do whatever it takes to reach the top.

After coming up with a name for my company I started on a logo. I’ve always been drawn to brands that were identifiable by only their logo. So when designing my logo I had my two aspects I wanted to incorporate: The name and the theme. The logo is what I call the arrow bolt. It’s a lightning bolt and arrow crossed. The lightning bolt represents the struggles and setbacks that one may face in his/hers lifetime while the arrow is a representations of ones perseverance to push forward through the hard times and stop at nothing to reach their goals.

I’ve also always been drawn to sports team mascots. Growing up it was how I remembered teams. I can remember drawing the Georgetown Hoyas Bulldog in the 2nd grade not knowing what it was or what it represented. All I knew was I wanted anything that had its logo on it. So when I started this brand, this was something I had to incorporate. Thus giving birth to Alvin (grandfather’s middle name) Alvin is a Young Buck and represents the youth of today emphasizing the term Young Buck. Alvin has on an old hat, smoking a cigar and has an arrow stuck in his antler all while representing a “gritty” attitude. These accessories and attitude on Alvin represent a strong, persevered character that similarly ties in to the Astroknot logo. Alvin and Astroknot Cloth are for the young bucks, that battle hard and stand the test of time.


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