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Astro Animals: History of animal cosmonauts

A quick zine honoring animal cosmonaut's that explored space before mankind! 

This would be the poster on the other side of the page, so readers could honor Laike forever + always.


Goes in chronological order + has quick fact! Loved illustrating these!


I could not for the life of me decide on a topic, and since I couldn't come up with something funny enough -I decided to go informational! I definitely missed the zine contest the first round so I HAD to make something now that the deadline got extended

Fusing 2 of my favorite topics (animals + space), I introduce: ASTRO ANIMALS 

I really want to make a big poster on the back that has all the animals floating in space, but I'm still working on that. 


I could use some input on the following things:

  1. How much info should be displayed for each cosmonaut (name + country + date) or should I also add a fun fact? Will it all fit without looking insane?? 
  2. Space font (lol) or not space font? I want it to be playful/cheezy but not BAD

TO Do:

  1. Add Color: I think I want to do dark blue/light blue/purples/pinks!
  2. Fold Out: Make Space scene with all of them in space!
  3. Finalize Fonts
  4. Re-order in chronological order!

I wish I hadn't procrastinated and then I could illustrate this better, BUT SO BE IT!



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