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Caitlin Hansen




Astoria, Oregon

I don't know how active this class still is, but I really enjoyed the videos and I've been meaning to start my project for ages! I'm going to start posting for accountability, even if no one sees it :).

I chose Astoria, Oregon for my City poster. It is one of my favorite coastal towns and has such a unique sense of history and charm. It's the oldest settlement in the Northwest! Also home of the Goonies.

Here is one of the brainstorms where I listed things I might want to include (disregard the ghost chickens in the background):

And here are my initial sketches and thumbnails:

(One thing I love about these classes is seeing everyone's process, so I felt it important to include these terrible initial sketches. Honestly though, the more terrible the initial sketches the better the final sketches, I think.) Composition has been a big challenge on this project so far, so I really want to figure it out before I go full force. 

Astoria has an amazing Maritime museum, and I was really inspired by the antique maps that have all of these vignettes within circles, which inspired composition #2. Generally I favor a vertical composition though, which is why I also like composition #1. I think the next step will be to actually illustrate some items and see how they feel within the frame. 

More to come soon!


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