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Astonish Email

Hello Everyone!

Firstly if you have any questions, critique or feedback please don't hold back the more the better if you've had a bad week feel free to unload!

I run Astonish Email a UK based email marketing system, we built the system to help small businesses keep in touch with their customers which a huge amount of them simply don't do. We currently have our target audience labelled as 'ambitous small businesses' which I know now is far too big and certainly not wierd enough. With the system if you think Mailchimp without the bells and whistles you're most of the way there.

I don't think we evoke any emotions in out current copy and product information. I've been working through and considering the vast majority or our potential customers are B2B and the smaller businesses, would it be right to try and focus on creating the fear that someone else is right this second communicating with their customers and trying to steal them away?

We ask every small business we meet whether they keep in touch with customers and just over 90% do the hard work, make the sale, earn the trust and then rarely speak to the customer again. So we are definitely trying to change the habits of this group and lead a tribe of people who do appreciate how important those customers are. which is obviously hard to do, but without creating the emotion is almost impossible.

We have a fairly decent following on Social Media already as we share a lot of information on how best to do email marketing and digital marketing as a whole. However this isn't translating in to lots of new customers.

The customers who do use the system, regularly refer new customers and are really happy with what it does for their businesses but traditionally we have to do quite a lot of work to get those people up and running.

We have just over 250 clients currently and it is growing but we'd like it to happen faster. The system is live and you can feel free to login and take a look, as I said earlier all feedback is greatly appreciated as long as it's constructive!

Thank you for your time, I hope you've enjoyed the course material as much as I have!

Adam Knight
Founder Astonish Email


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