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Assorted type (+download)


First of all — thank you Kyle for this great class! Very valuable information for me right now. 

I like calligraphy, lettering and type stuff a lot and even made a display type once (it's free, of cause, and I will put a download link at the bottom of this post, if anyone wants it). But I never had some systematic base, so this course was needed. 

E type

This type started as a part of my packaging project. "Healthy pack" is a set of products, which have no artificial E-additions in them. It has some vintage feel, but the product themselves are quite modern, so I  decided to do some linear serifs (I don't know the right name, sorry :)

So, it was just some custom lettering first (about ten letters), and then I saw Kyle's videos and decided to make a font from it. Here're some letters (it's cyrillic):

I don't like letter С and З at all though. And should have made the letter O wider at the top and bottom i think. But i don't think that i still love this type that much - so i made one more!U


I decided to make some pretty simple forms for a start. And then i added a little "spike" on the horizontal lines but i think it's laking some system to it though. Here's what i have now (cyrrilic again, sorry :)

And some variations with a rounded corner:

Still, too inconsistent, but i like the idea and will try to make it work as a font some day :)

French forge

A little bonus for skillshare community :). This font i made a year ago or so. It's latin + cyrillics + symbols. It's free and can be downloaded from here:


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