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Association Culturelle du Château de Saint Aubin sur Risle

Association Culturelle de Château de Saint Aubin sur Risle

Milestone 1 – Choose the not-for-profit organization you’d like to create an identity for and explain why. Share 2 to 3 sentences on what organization you’re choosing and why.

ACCSAR was created in 2013 by Mr. Lambert & Mr. Maniglier, owners of the Castle of Saint Aubin sur Risle

Tucked away in the heart of Normandy in the village in Saint Aubin sur Risle in Normandy the association has made their prime goal to restore the church to its former glory. The church was built between the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century in typical Normand architecture style, with a checkered stone inlays on the outside surface. The nave is built in a long span, like a ship and the polygonal tower with a slate roof on top. The paneled walls are painted in white and with years of negligence the white paint is chipping away and underneath shows beautiful painted frescoes, lilies, monograms, liter and coat of arms of former Saint Aubin lords.These unique decorations have to be rediscovered and restored to be preserved for future generations.

To raise funds, the association have created many different art events from Jazz concerts, theater plays, vintage car exhibitions, easter egg hunts in the castle grounds and made a Cow Parade event during the annual Art festival in the Eure department in Normandy. Probably the smallest Cow parade in the world, but we pulled some strings….

Cow Parade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world. Cow Parade events have been staged in over 79 cities worldwide and have risen over $20 million for non-profit organizations worldwide since 1999.

The life size cow was painted live by the local artist Patrick Lambert during the event and was named La Belle au Bois Normand, for the non-French speaking students it’s a word play from the Disney film "Sleeping Beauty" who in French is called "La Belle au Bois Dormant", and sold on an auction for 1500€.

The former events posters and press releases has been quite varied and totally different in colors and typeset. The biggest problem here in the “middle of nowhere” French country side is that many times to make the biggest impact to get people to come to events are to put up big posters alongside the roads. It does help also that the owners of the castle have some local journalists in their pocket to help promote events and sometimes they get ad-space for free and the local press reports on the events.

(example of a concert poster)

As the association’s quest and events are getting more and more notary there are many more events being planned to raise funds in 2015 so I proposed to help with their communication benevolent and make a brand identity they could use to promote the events.

Milestone 2 – Share your research on the organization that you’ll use to define the brand’s identity. Share 1 sentence that encapsulates the organization and images of their current identity system.

I had a lovely dinner with the colorful owners to discuss the project and during the dinner I jolted down words of inspiration throughout our conversation and the visit of the castle. They have given me “carte blanche” for the design as the identity is nonexistent at the moment and no logo history to lean on. I wanted the identity also speaks of them and who they are and what the association stands for;

  • Association Culturelle du Chateau de Saint Aubin sur Risle exist to promote and provide accessibility to art and culture for all with the promotion of artists and cultural development.

The owners are huge fans of art deco and their private parts of the castle takes you back to the Gatsby era mixed up with colorful modern art. Mr. Lambert is a painter and before becoming a Bed & Breakfast castle owner had a modern art gallery in Paris. Mr. Maniglier is a business man with a passion for vintage cars.

These became then my key words of inspiration.

Art Deco, Yellow, Black, Chess, Modern Art

I decided also to use some inspiration from the castle’s crest that have been modernized a bit from the original found under the chipped paint in the church.

I researched some significations in heraldic art and what is interesting in the crest is that the Unicorns are not chained. In medieval times the Unicorn was perceived as a wild uncontrolled beast and any lord who plead leniency to a king got their unicorns chained to show they are under control, like in the royal coat of arms of Scotland.

The new owners have added their own motto to the crest, Vita magnus ludus major nobis, which means roughly; life is a game of which we are not the master.

Modern art statues is scattered around in the park of the castle and the newly installed Christmas nativity scene at the entrance of the castle is quite something and I wonder if this doesn’t give the environment some of that wild side the unchained unicorns stand for?

Milestone 3 – Sketch a series of design concepts in the form of a potential logo. Share scans or photographs of your sketches and share with the class.

Here are some inspiration images and sketches for the logo



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