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This is my quote. When I hear the word "magic" the first thing  that comes to mind is fairy tales, wizards, and fantasy. I thought it might be cool to paint the word "magic" on crumbled parchment paper to make it look like it could have been torn out from an old spell book. I choose blue, purple, and green as the color scheme because those are the colors that i usually associate with magic. Unfortunately it looks like the purple got absorbed by the blue which is too bad because i think this would have made more sense in purple.

I had a tough time choosing the smaller font. I wanted something that was bold and slightly whimsical without being too distracting. I have a hard time mixing fonts so i wasn't completely sure if they worked together but it seemed to look okay to me. Thoughts?

My first initial made from silverware;) Since I spend most my day in the kitchen, I guess  it would make sence that I would draw my inspiration from there.

Here's my 10 words. I would love to hear your feedback if you have any;) Thanks!


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