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An "About Me" page:  this is all my thoughts, nothing coherent, but putting them down on "paper"...

Mom of 3 adults, each in a different state, 2 grands, 1 otway, yoga lover, blogging to share my unique parenting experiences and interest in building a cohesive family even when miles apart.  lover of early morning yoga, "My fitness Pal" app, podcasts on self development.

I am an early "power-morning" person - still with me...?  Yes, i'm THAT person who plans my day and exercises before the crack of dawn.  My husband and I have 3 adult children who live out-of-state. My goal is to share our best practices, best eats (yes, this blog MUST include the food!), best outings, reunions and travels as well as what we've learned from our failures, as we journey through long-distance parenting.

Are your children studying abroad? Living abroad? Living out-of-state? Please share your stories, struggles and wins as we work together to keep our families connected and support one another in this stage of parenting and life.  And you can jump in at ANY time of day - early birds and night owls alike! ;)






What are my goals for the blog:  

  1. To bring together a group of like-minded parents with kids spread out all over the globe and learn from each other how to keep family connected.
  2. To dig deeper into family - strength of a marriage, how to keep it strong
  3. to look more at mid-life and support each other as well as share life/cooking/health best practices
  4. to monetize the blog and use 50% of profits for charity
  5. to launch a business that i could feature on the blog - cosmetics? food?
  6. to write articles for companies i love i.e. williams-sonoma, cuisinart etc. and feature their products via product reviews

What platform?

  • Maybe start w/ (till June 2019)  and switch to toward middle-end of 2019


Why do the photos come in sideways? and how to fix this?

Anyway blog would be something like...

With three daughters living in 3 different states or countries, we have to be creative to keep our family connected.  This blog will share our long distance family experiences.


When the kids lived in England, of course we had to visit.  And because we could, we went to Barcelona too!

Souvineir from Barcelona.
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