Assignment- school

Assignment- school - student project


The scene begins with Sam in her room at the mental institution. She’s talking to someone who’s not there. Doctor Sarah looks in on her and watches her worriedly. comes in.

DS: (Cautiously) Hey, Sam.

S: (without looking) Hi. (To friend) Haha. Yep.

DS: What are you up to?

S: I’m just talking to Missy. (To Missy) I’m sorry what were you saying.   

DS: I hate to interrupt you, but it’s time for your daily session.

S: Fine.

DS: (Sits down next to Sam) How have you been feeling lately?

S: Fine.

DS: Good, that’s good. You’re making great progress.

S: (Rolls eyes) Progress. There’s no progress Sarah. It implies I have a problem. I don’t have a problem.

DS: Sam don’t start this again.

S: Start what? I shouldn’t be here. I didn’t do anything wrong.

DS: Sam! You killed a girl. No actually it’s worse than that, you mutilated her.

S: (Rolls eyes) She deserved it. She was a horrible person. What I did to her wasn’t even as bad as half the shit she put other girls through at our school. Making fun of people, pushing people down steps. I gave all those girls justice. And I took my time carving her face to destroy all that precious beauty she cares so much about. Ripped off the hair she was so proud of and I enjoyed every second of it. And she cried and cried and cried….

DS: (Cuts her off) You’re a monster. How can you just sit there and enjoy what you’ve done? Be happy about torturing a girl and then killing her. Why can’t you even pretend to feel some remorse for what you’ve done? Why won’t you let me help you?

S: I won’t play along because I’m right. I’m getting called a monster because I killed some bitchy blonde who never was nice to anyone her entire life, but when she was alive and hurting people no one ever thought she was a monster or stopped her, or locked her away. If you ask me I’m not the monster, the people that let her treat people that way are.

DS: I don’t even know who you are anymore.  

S: Ashamed of me sis? I mean doctor. Sorry are they listening I wouldn’t want them to find out. (DS opens the door to leave and leaves.) Same time tomorrow?

NS: (Shuts the door and leans against it. Pulls out a rope) I’m sorry, but I think you’re going to miss our appointment.