Assignment Part: I

Assignment Part: I - student project

Mission Statement / About Me

A creative guru with passion for design that refuses to be ignored. With 10+ years experience, I have the gusto to direct and manage a core team from concept development through final execution. My aim is to crush all expectations by creating designs that turn heads. This well-harnessed drive is achieved by impeccable time management; an awareness of multiple deadlines on any given day. 

Never without a Canon, my second calling is photography. Bringing you a different perspective of daily life and the city you live in through visual storytelling. My purpose is to evoke a unique reaction, utilizing pure gut instinct and a “creative as the day is long” attitude.

Outside of the office, I'm always on the hunt to collaborate and build new relationships with creatives in the local community. I'm proud to live in a city where intimate galleries, art exhibits and creative mixers are easily accessible. Wall Therapy, a Rochester-based street art collective, continues to inspire my creativity at home and at work. Every year there's at least one installation that makes your head explode. 

Whenever I'm not doing all of the above, you can find me at the best local cocktail establishments, partaking in the latest concoctions. Or on a yoga mat, trying to find calm in this whirlwind life.