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Assignment 2: Treatment



By Cassy Simpson



MICHAEL (M27) reflects on his life as he sits with his mentor OSWALD CLARKE (M58). His memories start on the day he is forced into Orwald's service. He is a recently orphaned boy, a gift to Oswald for his service in the army. Michael comes to find out that Oswald is a great magician, in fact, the only magician in the entire world. Oswald takes Michael back to his great home in a large village, where the older man is hailed as a hero.


Michael, over the years, is treated poorly by the magician. Oswald gives him work that borders on being too difficult and the British villagers treat the Irish slave with contempt. Michael's interest in magic develops during this time as his hatred towards Oswald and the villagers increases.


After several years, he finally gets his chance when Oswald absentmindedly leaves his precious spellbook lying open and Michael is able to read the gibberish. Oswald, reluctantly delighted, decides to take on Michael as his apprentice, to the servant's joy. He practices hard, determined to learn how to be a great magician to outclass Oswald.


Oswald subjects Michael through grueling regimens, never hiding his hatred for the Irish lad, always pushing too hard and even allowing Michael to suffer injuries from training. But Michael never lets the pain upset him, rather, he uses it to fuel his anger.


The pair sits under a tree where Michael is reminiscing. The Irishman reveals his diabolical plan of murder and domination to Oswald and the two battle to Oswald's death. Satisfied with his power, Michael storms the village, subduing the villagers and killing those who try to rebel. While gloating, he is struck by a large object over and over. As life leaves his body, he sees the form of Oswald appear, holding a large bloody rock and frowning as his only apprentice dies.


Hi! My name is Cassy and I'm an aspiring writer. I'm taking this class to help hone my skills and learn new methods. Here are my three concepts for this class.

The Magician's Apprentice (This would explore a part of the history in my novel, The Magician's God)

Being the village guardian can be tough work for Oswald Clarke, a man who takes his job very seriously. With his unique gift of magic, he keeps the villagers safe from wild animals and terrible diseases. It soon becomes too much for him, and he takes on a young apprentice named Michael. Unbeknownst to Oswald, Michael has his own dark agenda for learning this sacred art.


Curiosity Killed the Cats

Winged cats Luna and twin brother Deity spend most of their lives excavating and studying the tombs of ancient Egypt, determined to uncover the secrets of their past. Things go awry when they accidentally find themselves before the Egyptian god of the dead and discover the continuing existence of the gods and the secrets of their past.


Unexpected Kindess

A young drow woman finds herself separated from her camp after chasing a mysterious sound on a whim. She later discovers the sound was not friendly when she's attacked by a ferocious werebear. She is saved by a handsome young elf, who graciously escorts her back to her camp. He narrowly escapes being attacked by the women, who dislike other races, and men especially. The young man is driven away, leaving a conflicted young woman to choose between staying with her people or pursuing a life outside of drow culture.


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