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Toby Harper

University Student, Pig Latin speaker



Assignment 1!

Would like to thank Sarah for making this class I'm looking forward to reading everybody's screenplays!

Assignment 1: The Three Story Pitches

Pitch One: A couple deeply in love, but with the girl suffering from heart disease, move into a small town on the coast where they meet their neighbours, a comedian and his girlfriend who has severe bipolar. The girl is awaiting surgery for her heart problem with the chances of her living being 60-40. Their neighbours throw a party for the couple in the wake of her surgery. (Based on a story about Doug Stanhope)

Pitch Two: A member of a mental health tribunal, in charge of determining whether a person is mentallly ill     learns a different view of sanity. He then attempts to convert his fellow board members to try and evaluate the mentally ill in a different form, however his passion for the reevaluation scheme begins to erouse question amongst the board of members as to whether he is sane. 

Pitch Three: An old man with severe lung cancer is given 1 month to live. He is living alone, all his friends have passed away and he has no children. After watching the News he hears about how Heroin is the most addictive drug on the market. After a bit of trouble finding out where to buy heroin he meets Sarah, a heroin addict, they form an odd bond in the last few weeks of his life. 


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