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Assignment 1

2. Assignment is located here.

3. Here are a couple of typefaces I found interesting.

The hand-writing style of typeface on the labels and headline above go with the brand's "home-made" products. You wouldn't want anything too stylized if you're trying to convey "we made this ourselves." The other typefaces seem secondary.

The contrast in the typefaces on these books is kind of funny. The dictionary has this straightforward, no nonsense bold all caps type whereas both style manuals have curvier, more stylized type. (And the AP Stylebook is shy with its spiral binding.) 

So here's a link to what I'm working on for the final project. I've been playing around with a few different styles. I had planned to get really creative and used some sort of mixed media but a lot of that depends on if my son will take a nap when I get home from work this afternoon. ha! 

Here is my final project. Well, two versions of it. I'm kind of partial to the first one. The photos I bought from iStockPhoto to use on my blog.

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