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Assignment 1: Summary of Story

A young woman becomes pregnant and tries to make a home for her unborn child with her addict lover who is the father of her unborn child. Despite her best efforts and promises of reform from her lover, her lover's addiction makes it impossible to create the kind of home she knows her unborn child deserves. Despite encouragement and support from friends, her love for the father of her unborn child prevents her from leaving him. After a particularly painful confrontation with her lover, she finally realizes that it is her own lack of confidence that prevents her from creating the kind of life she wants. She realizes that she was attracted to her addict lover because he exposed her to things in life she did not have the courage to pursue on her own. She then finds the courage to strike out on her own, leaving her addict lover behind, in order to build the kind of life she wants for herself and her unborn child.


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