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Assadi / Mojaver

This was a really great class! I loved the things I learned and the awesome family crests everyone is putting on display!

For me, I am from an immigrant family from Iran and we came here when I was 5 years old. I decided to focus on my immediate family and not have to worry about interviewing everyone and getting too many cooks in the kitchen :D

I instantly knew I wanted pieces of both of my culture in it: Tehran, Iran and California, USA. I began my research and gathered the famous symbols:
1. Azadi Tower: one of the most known symbols of Tehran
2. California state map
3. Lion

The Lion was one of the most important elements because my fathers name 'Assadi' means lion. Also the lion with the sword and the sun was our flags symbol before the revolution, during the monarchy, and as most know: the better times. I also looked at different crests to see what shape I wanted to use.

I began tracing in Illustrator not really knowing how I would assemble everything when done, focusing on finding the 'simple' shapes within the elements:

Then I just started piecing it all together. Took some time to get it to a place I was happy with. The second one on the right is the more final one. I decided I needed to bring in the sun somehow.

Oh and I decided I had to include my mom's side in there as well so I put her maiden name "Mojaver" which just means "neighbors'... so nothing there to really draw from plus I have way too many elements already in place.

I also included a line from my dad he used to say "GREAT AMERCIA!" and it always cracks me up! He said it once to a waitress at a restaurant in his accent and it killed us!

Here are the color variations on two different background shirts (light gray and dark gray):

Now I just need to figure out which colors I like the best and find a good place to order some shirts for Christmas....


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