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Aspiring fashion entrepreneur

Daphne currently works in investment banking in New York City but she hopes to start her own fashion business one day in her home country, Vietnam. She wants to bring trendy yet affordable clothing to approximately 30 million Vietnamese women.

Daphne has been away from her family since she was 10 years old when her parents sent her to Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city for education. During highschool, she was awarded a full scholarship to go to Mount Holyoke College in the Masschusetts so she came to America in 2007, barely being able to speak English fluently. 

At Mount Holyoke, she majored in both Economics and Mathematics, and wrote her honor thesis on low-cost airlines carriers, which helped her win the Phoebe Turlman Prize for Best Independent Work in Economics. She is the first Vietnamese student to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Mount Holyoke. 

During college, Daphne also participated in many leadership projects. She raised thousands of dollars from leading organizations to organize career conferences for students in the Western Massachusetss area. She led a trip of 25 young students to teach middle school students in Vietnam environmental knowledge and improve waste management efficiency. She also worked in the first conference ever that brought leading Vietnamese companies / businessmen to New York City to present career opportunities to a wide variety of audience.

Besides fashion, Daphne has life-long interests in food and wine. She particularly enjoys the dining scene in New York. She has a certificate in wine tasting (Level 1) and hopes to get Level 2 soon in the future!



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