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Asleep by 11pm

My Habit Personality Type is Questioner (although I identified with all descriptions to a degree).

I signed up for this class as I have serious and scary aspirations in life - and I won't achieve them unless I significantly up my personal capabilities in all areas. I believe that only by building an ability to forge the habits I need throughout my life will I be able to unleash the ability to achieve my dreams.

My most consistent good habit in the past has been that of almost always home-cooking healthy, delicious and (where possible) cheap food for myself and my partner.

My habit:

I will be building a habit of being asleep by 11pm Monday - Thursday. There are a great number of habits and behaviours I want to build into my life, however a huge percentage of them are contingent upon this one keystone habit, so it is the first that I will be tackling.

Note: Changed from a habit of building mindfulness, as I have become aware that proper sleep is the most crucial keystone habit for me to build at this point.


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