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Asking the I Ching: What would help new students benefit from the I Ching?

1. My Question: What would help new students benefit from the I Ching?

2. Answer: Hexagram 56, (Changing Line 2) into Secondary Hexagram 50

Image of the Wanderer... (one who is on a journey through unfamiliar territory, exploring the new, in other words, a new student, possibly "you?") who benefits from an attitude of modesty and reserve (humble and assumes nothing; open to learning) and who "does not lose touch with his inner being" (listens to their heart or intuition, "inner directed").

Such a student, the I Ching promises, wins the allegiance of "a faithful and trustworthy servant--a thing of inestimable value to a wanderer." (I think that the servant here refers to the I Ching itself, a trustworthy guide of inestimable value for traversing new or "foreign" situations. "Inestimable value?": How can I estimate the "dollar value" of my life, which it saved?)

"All that is visible must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible... receive clarity and take firm root in the cosmic order." (Finding our place in the universe, connecting with the wisdom of the unconscious or non-rational mind, listening to intuition.)  

"The highest earthly values must be sacrificed to the divine." In modern psychological language, 'the isolated human ego must be sacrificed to the needs of the whole psyche which the I Ching supports;' e.g., someone's ego might like more chocolates or compliments than is good for their weight or modesty, so they would benefit from guidance to "sacrifice" such ego preferences that threaten their overall wellbeing.)

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