Asking better questions.

I've found that having a focused day makes me feel much better at the end of it rather than an aimless one no matter how productive. For me to have that focus I have to set up my day right, so my plan for self care is to have a morning ritual where I ask myself a few questions to provide myself the emotions I'll need stay on track and make better decisions about how I spend my time.
Here are my questions.

What would make today awesome and why would ____ be awesome?

What do I want to do today to get me one step closer to______?

What am I going to do to feel taken care of today? What area of my life does this focus on?

What hasn't been so great about this week? What's been really great about this week?

I've never been able to stick with a morning ritual before, usually because I've been trying things with a lot of steps that just feel really bulky and not that helpful. Just spending 10-15 minutes writing down my answers to these questions on a single notebook sheet of paper is easy and it feels much more effective and efficient.


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