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Asian girls names Sam

This is late but I hope I still get some feedback. I blame Girls, and I don't mean I've been doing well at the bar this weekend. I mean I've watch 10 episodes of HBO in the last two days.

This is the story I’ve been mulling over.

Asian girls named Sam

This is a story from college and my growth as a dude. It has three parts:

  1. Freshman year: Meet and pick up this cut asian girl named Sam at the bar. She's with a friend so I make sure I bring over a wingman to isolate her, obviously. I successfully guess her favorite ice cream in order to convince her to sleep with me "as long as we never see each other again." I wake up in an empty bed and double take every single Asian girl I see on campus for weeks. Maybe its her! 
  2. Junior year. Run into Sam with her other friend Sam...who is also asian. End up taking Sam #2 home with strong pick-up lines like: “Hey Sam (1), I recognize you, we had sex. Do you remember” And “Sam (2), do you want to come over and bang?”
  3. Senior. It's 3 days before I graduate and leave College life forever. I'm thinking that I should make the most of it, and I’m writing in my journal:

11:15pm I think that I should call Sam Wong to come over, but I dunno. She'll take like 20 minutes to get here. Feeling meh about it for some reason...

11:30pm Decided I'm going to just watch some porn and jack off and go to sleep instead. That'll be awesome...and way easier.

 12:30am... What the hell is up with me? I’ve been on Facebook for an hour. Am I really procrastinating from jacking off, which itself was procrastinating from having Sex over... wow 

My biggest problem with this story is that it feels more like a bro-story than a good humor essay. I'm trying to show my progression or growth or something.

Questions for feedback:

Form: Story? My Journal? Her Journal? My Journal and her Journal?

Scope: Should I use just one part and write that, or should I try to tie them together?


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