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Asian Dragon

Hello guys! :) 

I am going to attempt to illustrate an asian dragon. So bear with me.

Why an Asian dragon? 

I have always been fascinated with the intricacies of it. I've always believed that as artists (designers) we should always always challenge ourselves. This undertaking scares the crap out of me. That's why I have decided to take this beast head on. 

Hopefully, with your help, and putting my process out there, I maybe able to conquer this beast. I am hoping that this community (class) will be kind enough to offer me your time in critiquing my work.

So here is reference board for my asian dragon :

I know that I still have to gather a lot more references. Believe me, this is not yet done. 

I am just so excited to share my progress with you all. :)

here are my rough 2 minute sketches : 

does anything fancy you?

I am really leaning towards the dragon face and am thinking of embelishing it with fire and clouds. but this final concept also looks interesting to develop 

I'm thinking of shaping the dragon's torso into the letter "G" (my name is Gerald) so, yeah. maybe if all goes as planned, I can make this into a print.

Thoughts? I know the idea is still very very rough but I would really appreciate your opinions :)


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