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Asia based international art photographer (goals and plan)

In 10 years, I’ll be fully established as a working art photographer.  I’ll be based in Asia, likely Hong Kong.  Revenue will mostly come from private sales to corporate clients who want my work in their places of business.  Some will be repeat customers with multiple locations that need to be decorated.  A portion of sales will also come from galleries which recognize my name from appearances in competitions and other gallery shows. 

I will travel throughout the EU, US and Asia to cultivate the networks in my target regions and attend exhibitions of my own work at galleries that represent me.  I’ll build my international network of ambassadors (other photographers, art community advocates and target collectors) by collecting contact information at my shows, attending other photographer’s shows and arranging private gatherings with target collectors who have already purchased my work.  I will have a target of 15% sales (based on the total amount of work shown and on inventory at a given gallery show) with prices calculated to fund my travel and printing costs.  My main income will come from corporate sales which are generated by the notoriety from the gallery and competition appearances.  Corporate clients will buy my work through galleries in their region that represent me.

3 steps I will take in the next year to get closer to my goal will be:

1) At least twice a month, submit my work to competitions and galleries

2) Reach out to my current advocates to see what gallery connections they may have in my target regions

3) Begin trying to generate corporate sales with my existing advocates and develop a list of new targets in Shanghai (where I’m based now)


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