Ashley Aliko

The ART of Reinvention



Ashley's Radical Typography: Inspiration and Unpractically Practiced.

Part of my story: I am a graphic designer and I am refashioning my career. I enjoy the face and am going back to my roots to paint portraits with layers of story and whimsy. Type has also been a great love. Here are some type treatments that I'd like to share.

Research Type:

There is so much movement towards the "hand done" again and I am nervous and love it and am excited by it. I could have been doing this A LONG time ago. So I get to go for it now. There have been many pioneers before me setting the way and making it easier to get work published. Just as that is said, the playing field is also quite level with hobbyists and professionals competing in the same arena. 

Next comes Mark Making. 

Stay tuned.


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