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Ashleigh D. Johnson - Personal Brand


Ashleigh D. Johnson is a Cleveland based communications director looking to expand into digital branding & organizational strategy for entrepreneurs with unusual businesses. Her current branding is outdated and she's looking to make her brand reflect her professional growth. 


To reflect Ashleigh's professional abilty and her multi-faceted personality.


Women entrepreneurs in their 20s & 30s, who have online businesses. Special emphasis on businesses that promote the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness of others. She wants the astrologers, life coaches, massage therapists, hair stylists, beauty product makers, etc.


Ashleigh Johnson will help you craft a communications strategy that will reflect your unique talent & skill, teach your clients how to work with you, and be realistic for your work ethic & style. 


  • Entrepreneurs unwilling to do their content themselves.
  • People like Alexandra Franzen.


  • Ablilty to combine fun & professionalism.
  • Understands customers unspoken needs.
  • Able to excute vision with little information.
  • Educate the clients through the process.
  • Full of original & doable ideas. 
  • Incredibly efficient. 
  • Able to design if necessary.


  • Loves the color blue.
  • Obsessed with NARS Orgasm blush.
  • No oranges, yellows, or red.


  • Sophisticated
  • Mellow
  • Clean
  • Minimalist
  • Vibrant
  • Empowered
  • Established




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