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I want to explore the story of Ascension Internal Technologies-  a peak performance and hypnotherapy specialist practice located in the Fraser Valley, near beautiful Vancouver BC. I founded the organization a little over a month ago, and its been growing rapidly. I honestly didn't expect such as fast uptake, and in some ways its like watching my kids grow up - it happens all to fast. So, there seems to be no better time than now to really think about what this will mean, not just for me, but for the people Ascensions serves. And the people it will serve in the future. 

For a topic I chose to strike a balance between my story (the "why" part of Ascension's existence) and the story of the organization. In this case, the two are really the same thing... although as you'll see, its got everything to do with You.


All around the world emotional problems are on the rise. Although more medication is being prescribed than ever before, rates of depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions continue climbing. If standard psychiatric medications work as well as we’re told they do, why are so many people still suffering?

Although I am not opposed to medication in all cases, an alternative and complementary path is needed...

Getting back into the light of (un)common sense:

I work with people as we were meant to be worked with - as fiercely capable, powerful individuals with great potential. 

With this in mind, I framed my story around the following components outlined in the course - 

  1. World View
  2. Challenging Situation
  3. Conflict - for me this sort of wraps up into 'challenging situation'
  4. Lessons Learned
  5. New Possibility

The Archetype:

I selected QUEST, since it closely encapsulates the essence of what Ascension is about. Rebirth is also very closely aligned, but since our work is about our client's journey and process, Quest seems a more appropriate choice (rebirth might be the end goal?)


My approach emphasizes respect for the self-determination and individual nature of each client. Hypnotherapy and its related modalities in psychotherapy approach treatment by re-establishing a client’s connection with their own subconscious resources, helping them develop additional skills, build on strengths, and re-frame their relationship to problematic outlooks. By understanding the individual as a whole - not merely considering the mind as separate from the body - we can make highly significant improvements in a surprisingly short time.



Ok, so here goes draft one...

You. Evolved.

You are not broken. No matter what you’ve been told – by parents, friends, co-workers, your partner, other therapists – understand that you already possess all of the internal resources you need to learn, grow and absolutely dominate life. 

I founded Ascension in response to a powerful series of personal experiences with hypnotherapy, and other alternative solutions, during my own recovery from drug addiction many years ago. I discovered many frustrations with the therapeutic and psychiatric industries, and wanted to create an alternative that was more empowering, and that favored real results over boring, drawn-out methodologies or new-age nonsense. Having dealt with and overcome many of the same challenges faced by the people I now serve, I have a unique perspective on therapy, healing, and the powerful human capacity for excellence. I don’t just believe people can change, I’m living proof they can.

Whether you are facing personal problems, health issues, or are passionate about vastly improving performance in mind and body so that you can nail a promotion, accelerate your business, crush the competition in your sport, or simply enjoy life again - I can help.

Learn more right here.

Thanks for reading! Your critique or feedback would be deeply appreciated :)


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