Asana Lion Rouge, A beverage so healthy, you can feel it !

                                                Name: Paul Galiba     

                                         Location:  Montréal, QUEBEC

                                   Brand Name: "ASANA LION ROUGE"

                                   The Rebirth of Asana Lion Rouge 

                      "Great health is next to holiness, Holiness is God" 

in·gre·di·ent noun \in-ˈgrē-dē-ənt\

: one of the things that are used to make a food, product, etc.

: a quality or characteristic that makes something possible

The problem 

On top of making you sick, soda also makes you stupid.  Generations have embrace the story of the corn syrup and have perished for believing a lie. No more care, and love in the making of a beverage, it all machine made, highly process and soul-snatching. 

The solution I

We want to share and tell the story of

  • Happy Art & how it can improve your mood,
  • Honey & how it can better your health,
  • Ginger & how much of a supperfood it is,
  • and the craftsmanship behind the making an Asana lion Rouge,
  • "Holy" Ginger Honey Beverage.

A bit of History

Ancient Egyptian food recipe for Cleopatra's favourite treat: sweet honey deep fried dough balls similar to "loukoumades", In ancient Greece, these deep fried dough balls were served to the winners of the Greek Olympics.

Ginger was brought across the Red Sea by Arab traders and sold to both the Greek and Roman civilizations

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) was fond of ginger. She is given the credit for the appearance of the now famous ginger bread men seen at Christmas time

The Solution II

A beverage base on the use of 2 superfoods ginger and honey. It has proven it's health benefits over the past 2000 years, it has been used by every single civilization from the romans, to the Greeks, to the Egyptian. The recipe has been passed on from generations.  It's freshly made every week, it can last up to 30 days, it's great for your health, it boost you immune system, detoxifies the body and enhance digestion. Every bottle is covered in art work to enhance your mood, so you can "drink the art" and have an Artful healthy & happy day :) 

The Art of Fine Ginger drinking

What is used in the craftsmanship of an ASANA Lion Rouge ?

Premium Ginger Roots

Ginger is a superffod. The plant's botanical name is thought to be derived from its Sanskrit name singaberawhich means "horn shaped," a physical characteristic that ginger reflects. Here are, just a few benefits of ginger ... The # killer in the US is cardiovascular Diseases, ginger decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  Obesity is another mainstream killer, Ginger helps decrease cholesterol and boost one's metabolism. Finally Cancer is rampant, ginger helps decrease the risk of cancer

Honest Organic Honey

If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man. 

Albert Einstein 

Honey, Raw Honey is a blessing for your health.

Helps to prevent cancer and heart disease.  Acts as an anti-bacterial agent.

Helps relieve ulcers and gastro-intestinal distress. Acts as a natural healing agent.

Enhances physical stamina.  Increases calcium absorption.  Helps insomnia.

The more I see lemons The more I like limes

Lemons are sweets and limes are sour, when the devil was driven out of the Garden of Eden, on his left footprint grew a lemon tree and on his right footprint grew a lime. Lemons and limes are the panacea of great health…

Water is life

Canada happens to have 3% of the world's fresh water, while the competition uses filtered water, we decided to go for natural spring water. It was a big different in the taste. The water is so pure; we call it “virginity” water. 

It's made to order and hand made in small batches each week. So you can taste the freshness and enjoy all the benefits of these ingredients.

Think about everything you’ve been drinking for the past years, has it made you healthier? Has it made you life happier? 

How do we feel? when we see legions of children, our children, popping soda can and , being diagnose with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, & not being able to make the difference between a broccoli and an asparagus.

Good New We can change that ... your health + Happy Art 

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 ¼  Asana Lion Rouge  So Artful, So  Healthy ... you feel it …

          ¼  Asana Lion Rouge  So Artful, So  Healthy ... you feel it …

A short story ...

Paul is a common soda drinker. He drinks it all day long, from breakfast on his way to work, to lunch with friends and sometimes at diner with family when he’s back from work. Over the years, soda has brought Paul a lot of happiness, but has also brought his family a lot of sorrow when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. One day, on his way back from the hospital, Paul decided that they had to be a better way to enjoy true happiness in a bottle, happiness that would come from nature itself.  No more after taste, no more corn syrup, no more disease, no more pain. Little did he know, he was walking on the answer, Paul had stumble on a garden filled with flowers of all shapes, forms and colors.  He could hear a few bees at work buzzing to bring in the sweet honey. He also realized that some plants had no flowers and as he reached out to pull them from the soft soil, he saw huge roots of ginger pop out. Eurêka I have found it, why no combine two super food ginger & honey and have a happy positive impact on health and on earth. In the search of coming up with the best soda, Paul actually created the most healthy ginger honey beverage with a taste and flavor that is all pure, all natural &  all authentic. 

I will be answering the questions as i move to the project

Marketing Description

Our Beverage is made to order. We target the yoga studios. We believe that our brand stands for Healthy living + Happy Art = Asana Lion Rouge. We have a strong flavor and a mild flavor. It's all natural with honey & ginger.

  • Identify your role as a marketer by answering these 11 questions:

             What is marketing for? Marketing is built into your product, so that when your target customers come in contact with it, they can't help but spread the word.

             What are we allowed to touch? Anything that will capture people’s attention, trust & money. The product, the customer service, the social media,

             What can we as marketers measure? We can major sales, we can measure likes comments & shares on Facebook, we can measure our mailing list (is it working & growing?), we can measure repeat business from clients, We need to measure How deep are people delighted.?

             What can we change? We want to give people a substitute for unhealthy Soda, unhealthy habits, unhealthy lifestyle

             What promise are we going to make? We promise to keep our beverage natural. That means no chemicals !

             What’s the hard part? Shelves space, at the farmers market, yoga studios and fitness places. Getting local artists to paint their best Happy Art on the bottle and make it in tune with our Brand and logo.

             Should your organization be making trends or following trends? This is very hard. I think you can follow trends if they make good business sense. However, being a trendsetter is far more exciting. We do want to break the statu quo so we will make the trends.

             Where is the risk? The fear of paying to much, looking stupid, engaging with a brand that has a very little following.

             Who is in charge? I AM

             Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for? Money is for packaging, bottles, and videos that connect with people in a visceral way.  

  •      How should we be spending our time? Making the product worth talking about, getting into account, measuring what matters, sales comment and share on FB. Have a Blog and a new letter to build trust.

  • The customers believe is adopting a healthy lifestyle wherther it’s through yoga or fitness, or just eating healthy.  They also believe that their dollar can go far more that just buying a product, it has an impact on the people who come together to create the products, words like healthy living, green agriculture, organic, giving back and Art should come to mind ... 

Pick three brands from your youth, and for each one, write down:

Coca cola, Jean Marie Weston, J3B Whisky

a. Their distribution strategy. How did they use control of shelf space to box out the competition and enjoy high prices.

Coke was just everywhere, in every shop, vending machine and fast food joint, It was almost impossible to escape them even as I travelled in 14 different countries.

Jean Marie Weston, was at school, only the rich kids could afford them.You saw it, you wanted it because other people had it, it was a mark of social status. You parent had to trave lto france to get you a pair.

J3B I don’t even drink alcohol, but this bottle was in every cupboard in every household. The bottle was very distinctive a dark green with a yellowish label.

b. Their advertising strategy. How did you hear about them? What do you remember about their ads? Coke advertised everywhere on billboard, Tv, Radio and sponsored local even and big event. JM Weston and J3B never advertised it was always through word of mouth.

c. How you feel about the brand? Does the jingle or the logo or some other non-utility element of the product remind you of anything? The red of coca cola reminds me of something refreshing. The JM Weston reminds me of style and elegance. J&B reminds me of old folk sitting and drinking while reminiscing the past, good memories.  Nostalgia.

Pick three modern brands, and for each one, write down:

Apple, Starbucks, Build-a-Bear

a. Their emotion. Delight at it’s best. What emotion do they work to create in people who haven’t bought yet? Curiosity to find out why are people so caught up in paying that much, in people who are loyal? More delight, better quality,

b. Their change. How do they change their customers? Apple make you have better taste and makes you more artistic. Starbucks make you question where does this coffee come from. Enjoy good conversation.

 c. Awareness. How do people find out about them? Apple is always word of mouth, there is always someone DEAD sold on apple, until you get the virus. Starbucks you go there for the peace and the conversation.you get addicted to the conversation not so much the coffee. Build-a-bear you go there to have FUN FUN FUN while buying a bear you’ve build your self. it's a story you will share for sure.

Happy Artv+ Healthy Living  = Asana Lion Rouge  

Emotion … The delight of enjoying a healthy beverage and the perfect substitute for unhealthy soda(fear). I want the Mason jar to be hand painted with Happy Art. The feel-good story, that a percentage of the sale will go to giving access to fresh water to underprivileged kids.

Change … We want people to blend Healthy living + Happy art in their everyday life.

Alert … we want to send messages and keep a healthy relationship from people who buy from us. Anticipated personal & relevant messages.

Share we would like to use a percentage of our revenue to give people access to clean water.  This ties into the feel good feeling people get when they buy from us. People don’t usually throw they mason jar, they keep it, so the Happy Art on the jar should have people say, where did you get this and the story is told. 

  1. Positioning The slot we pick is the health slot, the person who will go the extra mile to read the label, contact the company, make sure the supplier are legitimate and green, understand that by buying a product he or she can make a social impact and wants too. We are Healthy, Delicious, with Art on our bottles & mason jars and have a social impact, which it to take a percentage of our sale an give access to clean water to women in developing countries.


2. Pricing We are made to order, with fresh ingredients. So far, we are the most expensive.  We only focus on Ginger base beverages nothing else.


3.    Placement We want to be in the yoga studio, fitness centers, and farmers market. We want to be close to the people with an “killing” for health.


4. Promotion The only promotion we make is through yoga studios. We get in touch with the owners and send them 3 bottles a month for free, so she or He can share it with her students. We are make presentation where people can taste the product for free. Base on the customer, we will also give a free 200ml bottle.


5. Permission With every purchase we capture people email, and stay in touch with a weekly newsletter, but we strongly advise people to sign up on our Facebook page since we post daily. We will also come with a daily blog with relevant and informative news.


6. Purple

 Our bottles are “blank canvas” on which we have local artist paint “ Happy Art” the beverage is hand made and it’s a 3 days process. We strive to source locally as much as possible, from the ingredients, to the art on the bottles. The recipe is ancient and has been passed on from generations.


7. Publicity NO


8. PR  No


9. Placebo  No


10. Pavlov  No


11. Persistence We show up once a week at the yoga studio, to get feedback from customers and studios owners. What are people saying? What are they not saying?


12. Place we want to remind people au something organic, authentic, hand made, man made, far from machines and synthetic taste.


13. Personalization we write people name on the bottle.


14. People like us  No

The Patagonia Case Study 

Positioning … You have Jackets and you have Patagonia …The Jacket Reimagine … The Extreme of sustainability &reliability, the jacket is made to last for a very very long time( some customers had their gears for 15 Years, it was passed on from father to son), They will even repair the jacket is need be(Customer Service), The gear you no longer need, we will reuse it to by (giving back) to someone who needs it ( find a home for your old Patagonia), They will take back what’s worn out, so it’s stays out of landfill ( sustainability).

It’s hard to explain this because they have done such a good job at meshing everything together. It’s like a surgeon dissecting each part of the brand so tightly knitted.

Pricing… Irrelevant given all the value they provide.

Placements They have their own stores and a website. The use Ambassadors, People who practise outdoor sports to share their stories. 

Promotion  They ‪have a Web Specials section on the website where you will find items that are past season, and reduced in price. They don't send out promo codes very often, but when they do, they go out in their catalogs. 

Permission They have a Blog Click for The Cleanest Line, with both great content & context and send out a catalog 6-7 a year. My guess is the blog is so rich in content that you can’t help but want to be part of all the Good they are doing.

Purple  Each piece of gear as a story, since it last so long with the customer. Some clients can’t even imagine giving it back because of the emotional value it holds. The gear they wear, incorporated into their lifestyle. The feel-good part, Reuse by someone else, out of landfill, fixing your own gear or they will do it for you. Extreme reliability Extream Sustainability. Extreme Care for the Earth.


Publicity They advertise primarily by word of mouth






Pavlov   The pavlovian  conditioning can’t be more clearer.

We make gear that last, You don’t buy what you don’t need

We help repair your Patagonia gear, You pledge to fix what’s broken

We help find a home, You sell or pass it on

We take back worn out gear, You keep it our on landfill and incinerators.

We only take back what can be replaced, you love us for that

Ok I added that last one, but you get the point.



Personalization  They don't offer any customization or embroidery through us. You can purchase a jacket and then go and get it embroidered on your own though.

People like us The tribe is very Earth friendly, most sneezers do some type of outdoor activity close to nature. They all have an invested interest in 

A simple conversation, a series of questions:

How do people find out about you? Yoga Studio, FB, Blog, Newsletter.

What is promised to them? One Sip can change You & better the world.

How many interactions need to happen before they trust you enough to give it a try?  4

What do people tell their friends about you? I am changing the world

Are there network effects? I would like to have network effect with Artists, the more artist participate in the painting of the bottles, the better the word spreads.

Is there urgency to start? Yes

Is there scarcity? Art is the scarcity,

What does this marketing story remind the prospect of? Promise that elevates you …

Who is it for? People who care about their heath, the planet

And who is it not for? People who love the synthetic life

How is it sold?  Through yoga studio and health stores

Does it cost more than the competition? Yes


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